How to Register Domain for Free in Nepal ?

Steps to Register Free .np Domain Name in Nepal

1. Create an account on is the official portal of the NP ccTLD domain. You will need an account on to register any NP ccTLD domain (.np domain).

To create an account:

  • Go to
  • Enter all details (Full Name, Email, Password) and click on “Create Account”
  • You will see a success message “Thank You for Registering! Please check your email to activate your account”.
  • Check your email and click on verify button.

2. Check for Domain Availability
Now, you need to find out if the domain you want to register is available or not. These .np domains are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Log In at
  • Check if the domain name you want to register is available or not.
    For example, to check if is available or not, enter nepsyscode in the text box, select from the dropdown then press search. The domain must be related to your name or business otherwise, it won’t get approved.
  • If it’s available, proceed to registration by clicking “Register Now” else, search for another domain name.

3. Fill Domain request online form
Now, fill in all form details carefully and press “save and continue”. Name Server (Domain Name Server Address), Administrative details are mandatory. Field with the star is mandatory, and you can skip others if not applicable to you; like, if you are requesting a domain for yourself, then you can skip the Organization name field.

If you have a different person to manage the technical task, then you need to fill in the technical detail section otherwise, check “Copy administrative contact”. Now, press Save & Continue.

You can change the name server in the future; however, it may take time to update.

4. Submitting Document
After that, submit the required document and continue. To submit a document, select the document title from the drop-down and upload the respective document, then click save for each document. All documents must be in image format ( jpg, jpeg).

5. Checking for Domain status.
You have just completed the domain registration process. Now, your domain will be reviewed by the NP ccTLD team (Mercantile). If you have submitted all the information and supporting documents correctly, your domain will be approved in one-two business days.

You can check your requested domain status in Domain Dashboard. When you log in to, you will be landed on Dashboard. Also, you can easily find the dashboard by clicking your name in the top right section.

When the domain is in the review process, it will be listed under New request/under approval. Once it’s get approved, the domain will be moved to the Active domain section.


Criteria to be eligible for free domain

For an individual, you can get .np free domain if you are:

  • Nepali citizen with Nepalese citizenship or passport or driving license or voter’s card or
  • Non-Resident-Nepalese with NRN ID Card or
  • Foreign National with a Nepalese resident visa.

For Company/Organization, you can get a free .np domain if your organization is:

  • Local entities and have a Certificate of registration of company/organization/firm/partnership.
  • Foreign entities registered in Nepal and have a certificate of registration of branch or liaison office or certificate of affiliation with the Social Welfare Council.
  • Non-incorporated entities doing business in Nepal, such as Permanent Establishments or Non-incorporated Joint Venture Entities and have PAN registration certificates.
  • In case of any entities (local or foreign) having business interests in Nepal – a certificate of trademark registration in Nepal or
  • official filing receipt of trademark application issued by the Department of Industry (to be supported with actual trademark registration certificate within 3 years of domain registration)